Sous Vide - Grant

Sous Vide - Grant

Vortice immersion circulator

Universal stirred heater attaches to any pot up to 50 litres, use rotor dial or one of three programmable pre-set...

Temperature Probe

For Squirrel OQ610

SVD S Bath Divider

For 12 and 26 Liter baths

SV-TK Thermometer Kit and Cary Case

Ensures accurate temperature measurement of core temperature of food

Polypropylene Spheres (SV-PS20)

Minimises evaporation and heat loss

Pasto Water Bath

26 litre insulated water bath with 3 programmable pre-set temperature settings, audible countdown alarm from 1-999...

Flat Removable Lids

Stainless Steel as included with baths

Data Logger/Temperature Meter Squirrel OQ610

Battery operated monitoring/recording temperature for up to 6 temperature probes